About Me

My name is Subhan Saleem Asif, Subi for short. I graduated secondary education in 2013 from a local school in Sydney. Back then all I had was the passion for 3D art and little to no skill. I started my 3D journey at the age of 17 at the AIE in Canberra. It was here that I learnt all the disciplines and the work ethic to give me a good chance at succeeding in the 3D industry. By putting in the hours each day and each week, I intend to further gain experience. I have learnt a lot since the start of my journey, and hope to work for a well established company in the near future.

Skills Modelling

  • Digital Sculpting
  • Texturing
  • Game Engine Pipeline understanding
  • Hard surface modeling
  • Level Design

Skills Fx

  • HoudiniFx
  • MayaFx

Skills Motion Design

  • After effects – Mo Graph
  • Adobe Premiere – Video compositing


  • Houdini
  • Redshift
  • Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere
  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Modo
  • Unreal engine 4
  • World machine
  • After Effects
  • Substance painter
  • Substance designer
  • Bitmap2material
  • Zbrush
  • xNormals
  • Vray

Work Experience 

  • Luma Pictures – Fx Artist: 03/01/2017 – 26/01/2018

  • Luma Pictures – Fx Artist: 03/02/2019 – 08/05/2019

  • Freelance – Fx Artist: 08/05/2019 – Current