Simple Renders - Sofa

About Simple Renders

This is a high poly render of a couch I modelled for a college assignment in my second year.


Simple Renders - Tractor

A modelling challenge I gave myself using Modo. One of the first projects i tackled using the software and can gladly say i enjoyed Modos tool-set to get the desired look i was going for.

Simple Renders - Rim

Learnt a few neat tricks from modelling this rim, using radial symmetry and overall good understanding of topology goes a long way when tackling intricate shapes with cutouts and bevels.

Simple Renders - Trike

Stylised Vehicle asset i produced using Modo for a College assessment, it was interesting to integrate this Asset into Ue4 and get some cool looking animations working in engine too, awesome learning experience

Wildstar-inspired weapon; based of a concept made for the original game by ncSoft.